Handmade Christmas Décor-ETSY

Most of us love making our own Christmas décor,
but if you don’t have the time this holiday season check out some great handmade décor items from ETSY.

Gorgeous organic bay leaf wreath, perfect for your front door.

Cute woodland animal ornaments, perfect for that rustic christmas tree.

Lovely french grainsack stocking.

Rustic burlap runner, perfect for christmas dinner.

and don’t forget those pretty holiday pillows.
(just click on the picture and it will take you to etsy store)

Now that I’ve got you in the holiday decorating mood, please
check out some beautiful homes at the 3rd annual Holiday house walk.

Jennifer Rizzo holiday 150 housewalk button


  1. Love these vintage look inspirations... thanks for the reminder to join the home tour. Even if, like me, you just look at the pretty homes.

  2. I love these christmas inspirations my friend. I love the BURLAP anything these days. I just am drawn to it. Thanks for sharing such awesome(ness)

  3. Beautiful. I love burlap/grainsack!


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