Halloween nook (repost)

I wanted to share a post I did a few years ago, it's my kitchen nook decorated for Halloween.

I changed out my blue bench cushion and pillows for neutral linen and cream colored ones.
I also added some inexpensive Halloween d├ęcor like the black crows cutouts that are made out of cardstock.


Added vintage silver and amber colored bowls.


Changed my mirror out for this oval one, which is actually a mirror too,  covered it with re-positionable chalkboard paper, so if I want it to be a mirror again I just peel off the paper.


Yummy chocolate cupcakes


Changed the blue chair to a natural wood one.


And changed the prints on the side cabinets to chandelier scones.
I love how it turned out and love the rich fall colors.


  1. So pretty.........I wish I had a nook like that!

  2. That's too cute...love the birds on the window!

  3. Love the Oval Frame chalkboard web! What a pretty nook.

  4. Repost or not-it is just great! LOVE your little nook- xo Diana


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