Beachy Lamp Redo

Recently I’ve found some great lamps at Kirklands, they have a nice selection and good prices.
 A few of them, the finish wasn’t just right, but for the price I knew I could tweak them and make
them wanted I wanted. You may remember the faux zinc finish lamp I recently completed,
 found here.
I found these cute lamps a few weeks ago, and for only 24.00, I couldn’t pass them up.
I love the turned column and the shade, but not so much the finish. 
I didn’t like the speckled brown spots, but the texture was good.


I used a couple of coats of Martha Stewarts
a1063e42-20fc-4ab8-96bb-f034b7a0c5ae_300terra cotta textured white paint.



Now they're just perfect for the new beach cottage.


  1. Finding the right lamp can be a problem. I like your idea of fixing one that is "pretty close" to what you want.

    Great job!

  2. Your lamp looks amazing and oh so vintage and love the textured lamp shade! I just found you by visiting cottage of the month over at the old painted cottage! Love what I've read so far and your home is so wonderfully light and airy with tons of character! I'm following along with google and will be back later to explore more of your blog! I'm off to the Woodward Dream Cruise today!

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