Curbside Redo

Not long ago, my husband and I were driving through our neighborhood on the way to dinner when I noticed a solid wood trunk on the curb,I knew if we didn’t turn around and get it,
 it would be gone when we came back.
It was a solid pine trunk lined with cedar and definitely homemade, but it was solid and just needed some love.


I think what made it a little dated was all the brass hardware, I removed most of it and filled in the holes, then I  mixed up some homemade chalk paint and off I went.
The color I mixed up  was a dark grey almost black color. Once I distressed it, I added a antique brown finishing wax.


I knew I didn’t want to put the original handles, so I asked my sweet husband to make some.
He is a leathersmith and very talented making anything with leather.


I love the weathered look and the love new leather handles, looks like I paid a ton of money for it.



  1. Great job. I am amazed at the treasures some people find on the curb. I never see anything except for rain soaked sofas and old tires. Maybe I need to move to a classier neighborhood :-)

  2. wow! great curbside find! gotta love that!!

  3. What a transformation!!!! You did a great job. My niece gets things off the curb all the time and her house is filled with darling things. You both have a great eye for trash 2 treasure!!

  4. This is great! You all did a good job transforming this. Curbside shopping can be a good thing!

  5. Wow- That looks REALLY great! What a good find! xo Diana

  6. Trixie......I missed you! Great project. You have the magic touch!

  7. Wonderful transformation and those handles are perfect. It really does look like an old antique now!

  8. What fabulous finds! Great job! Hugs, Leena

  9. That turned out wonderful. I love those curbside finds don't you.

  10. This is a great redo! It looks straight out of Pottery Barn or some fancy mall store. :) Great job!

  11. so fancy! And I like the wall arts at the corner


  12. that is just so beautiful!!! :) I'm a curbside picker too. :) Did my kitchen with curb side cabinets at our rental house. :)
    I loved it, now my daughter's family lives there.

  13. Amazing! It's so difficult to have luck and find a treasure like this on the curb here in Italy! but sometimes I had a little luck... you did a great job, I love it!


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