DIY Weathered Wood Technique

Want the weathered wood look from a new piece of wood?
Here’s how you can get it.

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For the tops of my Stools Turned Table project I used a solid pine board 
bought at the local home improvement store,
I believe it was 24 x 48 inches and it cost around $24.00.
I cut two 22 inch circles with a jig saw and then used a sander to clean 
up the edges and make them perfectly round.

You will need to use a soft type wood, pine works great for this technique.
It’s easy, just a little time consuming depending on how much distressing you desire. 
I used a wire brushes, cup brush (wire brush that is used with power drill),
utility knife, power drill, hammer, chain and screwdriver.

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First I beat the wood with heavy chain and gouged it with the hammer
 and made small holes with the screwdriver.
Then I took the utility knife and made cuts, some deep and some shallow,
 going with the grain of the wood.
Use your wire brushes, power and hand to give you the texture.
Remember there is no right or wrong way to do this, the important thing is to
 get it distressed and weathered looking.
Once you are happy with the amount of distressing, lightly sand to remove any
 wood fibers or splinters.

Now onto the finish, at this point you can stain, paint or do both.
I actually stained mine a dark brown, then once dry, I went over the entire piece
 with a thinned down grey paint.


This technique would also work great for a hand painted sign. Have fun!


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  2. great technique.
    I was wondering how you achieved that look! Once again...inspired. :) Pat

  3. Love this! One of my favorite things is distressing wood. Your table is fantastic.

  4. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I've been waiting for this tutorial. Dark stain and watered down gray paint? That's all??? The finished result looks like it would be so much harder to achieve. I can do this!!! :)

  5. Do you think this technique would work on wood floors? I have a room that I want this look on the wood flooring. They are already beaten up ;) but I have been wondering if the grey paint step would wear away after time. Thanks!

  6. What ratio did you use to create the thinned gray paint?

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  8. Wow, Love your DIY weathered wood technique. You did it like an expert. Can't wait to try this. Then I need a hammer drill.


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