Window Frame Re-purposed

Old vintage windows are great, usually only a few dollars at the flea market or even free like this one.
A friend was nice enough to give me 2 old windows because she knew I could use them for some project, thanks Linda!


This window frame actually had 6 window panes, but I didn’t want the individual panes,
so I just removed them (sorry I didn’t take a before pic).


I decoupaged the map to an 1/4 inch MDF board.
When I decoupage, I like to use either thinned down white glue or thinned down mod podge, and using a brayer will help smooth out any bubbles.
Picking out the map was the hardest part, I have about 20 Vintage Readers Digest Maps from Countries all over the world that I recently found at a garage sale.
I think I see more framed maps in my future.


  1. Heck to the YES! This is amazeballs. I totally want to make one!!

  2. I love this project. I have a lot of old windows and some pretty cool maps so I really need to do this. I have seen a couple of people use maps of where they were born, married, or something like that. Very cool.

  3. I adore this project! Chippy wood and maps...two of my favorite things!

  4. Yep - I have all the stuff to do this, too. This is GORGEOUS! I have a question about putting in the MDF - did you just attach it to the back of the window? Or did you fit it into the frame (like the window would have been)? This is the step that has been stopping me from doing a couple of the window projects I have in mind.

  5. I love the blue color of the table that your map is on. Did you paint it? If so what color? Im looking for a blue for my hutch.
    Great idea for your map. I love old windows and have a few of my own.

  6. I love this! I have old frames and old maps... can't wait to get started! Thanks for the idea! :)

  7. This is beautiful! I featured you on my Kick-Off Friday post today!

  8. You can also find lots of cook maps from old Nat'l Geographic magazines

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