Wayfair DIY Blogger Challenge

I was recently asked to participate in the Wayfair DIY Blogger Challenge.
We were able to pick between three items, it was a hard choice, but I picked the white pendant light. 

It has a vintage industrial feel and great look to it, so for the challenge, I thought I could embellish the light for a fun funky look. 
 I purchased my supplies with a gift card provided by Giftcards.com.

I used wood bow ties, found at the craft store.
 I cut each wood piece with common scissors and glued them on with a strong epoxy glue. The turquoise beads were already string so I just glued them on as well. 
Embellishing a lamp or a shade is a great way to get a custom look without spending a ton of money.

 Thanks, Wayfair and Giftcards.com, for asking me to participate in your DIY Blogger Challenge! Visit Wayfair on their site, blog, Facebook, and Pinterest.


  1. How fun! Love the transformation! Hugs, Leena

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