DIY Oyster Shell Chandelier

My mom’s coastal theme remodel is slowly coming together, first the walls were painted a light grey, such a difference from the yellow that was there before.I surprised her with a oyster chandelier I made, I thought it would be perfect for the space and it turned out even better than I thought it would.

I used a vintage metal lamp shade and removed the silk fabric, drilled holes in the cleaned oyster shells (about 120 shells) and strung them on the metal frame, using craft wire.
We don’t live too far from the oyster capital of the south so it was easy to get the shells for free. I also purchased chain and socket hardware from Lowes. It casts a nice glow in her dining room.





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  1. You did such an amazing job with this--it looks great! It would have cost a small fortune to buy something like this :)

  2. Such a beautiful and clever idea for a chandelier! It looks wonderful in the dining room which is so so pretty! Love these seaside touches so much! Great job! Hugs, Leena

  3. This is just lovely. I bet it is gorgeous after the sun sets and the light is turned on. Will have to make one of these when I retire. You did a lovely job by the way.

  4. Would you mind sharing the color and brand of paint you used? Thank you.

  5. this is beautiful!! you did such a wonderful job! I too, would love to see a photo after sunset.

  6. The light fixture is so nicely done!
    The room looks great! Hard to tell from
    the photo but is the ceiling the same color?
    I have been doing that to my bathrooms lately;
    painting the ceiling the same color as the walls.

  7. LOVE the color! Very NICE~~Very creative chandelier! Roxie


  8. I'd like to invite you to join me at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    I hope to see you there!
    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  9. LOVE your blog!!! You have such good ideas!

    Here's mine! Check it out!


  10. It's beautiful! I love it. I love oysters and the shells and would love to try this. Could you tell me what type of drill and bit you use so the shells don't shatter? Thank you!

  11. I used drill press with a regular wood/metal drill bit, im sure a dremel tool wood work as well.

  12. This is AMAZING!! You can bet I won't be tackling anything like this - scares me! Beautiful room as well :)

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