Nautical Inspired Fabrics

Here are my new nautical inspired navy, white and grey fabric 
patterns available at Spoonflower.




  1. I love them but I gotta admit...if I were in motion a couple of them might make me feel a tad "see-sick" I love a nautical theme- xo Diana

  2. Hi, I have just found your blog, must be the nautical fabrics that bought me here. I am a huge fan of nautical, love the sea and the beach. I have just renovated a little beach shack north of Sydney, it has been such a fun project. I am also very found of the odd flea market travelling to NYC every year to visit all the surrounding fleas. Any way, I love all these fabrics!

  3. They are nice because they're different. I love something that stands out. It's nice to see that they seem plain from a superficial. This is because they are simple colors but when you look deeper they are really unqiue. What makes them unqiue is the blend of different shapes within the fabric's colors.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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