Coastal Inspired Bookshelves

My mom had a 3 piece wood bookcase, it was nice but it was too dark and had a fake reddish cherry wood tone, which I didn’t like at all.  Oh how I love to change a piece of furniture with paint.



First to make it easier I removed the backing, which turned out easier than I thought and it made painting so much easier because I could reach to other side as well as paint the back a lovely shade of grey.
It reattached just as easily as it was removed.
I distressed all of the white paint including the shelves, then applied furniture paste wax for protection.



She really didn’t have any coastal inspired décor, so it was fun finding stuff at estate sales and scouring thorough beachy type stores at the beach. I also ended up making or re-purposing some of the décor.
I love how her room is turning out.
On a future post I will share a really cool oyster chandelier I made for her dining room.
Now onto some of the décor items.


I found the vintage shell painting at a garage sale for $2.00, It was nice but a little bright so I antiqued it with a thinned down brown paint to age it even more.
I glued the sea  fan to a vintage candle holder that I painted a bluish grey. We also found a ton of great drift wood pieces at the beach last week.


I love this birdcage that I also found at a garage sale, and for only $15.00.


This weathered looking sign I made out of a piece of scrap plywood.


Two of my fish prints framed in vintage oak frames.

I think the new bookshelves look great in her living room.



  1. I love this!! Very easy to find bookcase like this on Craig... you made yours FAB

  2. Absolutely perfect! I love your bookshelves and your vignettes are lovely, beautifully done!
    Have a sweet day,

  3. Beautiful! It's amazing what a coat of paint can do. From blah to ahhhhh. ;-)

  4. Pretty. I like how you painted the shelves and added a little bit of distressing. You mentioned a fake cherry reddish wood tone... is this laminate and please, could you tell me what type of paint you used?

    they look great. Pat

  5. This is so beautiful! What a huge difference paint made and I love all the little beach-inspired items you've filled it with! So pretty and I adore the beach, so this almost makes me feel like I'm there! Great job! I bet your mom loves it! Hugs, Leena

  6. These turned out wonderful! I really like the gray backs mixed with the white and all your beach decor looks fabulous!

  7. Oh- it looks so nice. I really like what you have done there- lots of work but so worth it- xo Diana

  8. The bookshelves look wonderful and I too love that birdcage!!

  9. I really like the shell painting this summer i have looked for shells everywhere and have a nice large assortment now the picture would have fit right in

  10. Wow... fabulous job! Love the the shelf back colour too. :)

  11. I have that same exact bird cage. My best friend's mom gave it to me. It was originally a gift from her husband so she wanted to make sure that ti got good use and stayed "in the family." I love seeing vintage pieces I own in other people's homes!!

    Just found your blog through House of Turquoise and I love it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Nice job on the bookshelves. I too found you via House of Turquoise.


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