Ombre Spray Painted Bottles

My mom had a few bottles laying around that I wanted to re-purpose, and this is one of the projects I came up with using spray paint. Ombre is seems so hot right now and why not ombre painted bottles?



Here’s a before picture of some of the bottles.


It was a very easy project and all you need are three colors of spray paint.
I sprayed on the white just at the top and then sprayed the middle color and then the bottom color. Once it’s dry you will need to go back and touch up each color until you get the bleed line just like you like it, but leave the bottom color for last.



  1. Those are really pretty! Love the colors you chose.

  2. just saw your spread in BHG mag. Fabulous!!! ;)

  3. Saw your kitchen make over in BHandG. My wife wants your new kitchen.

    Leo at Cottage at the Crossroads.

  4. Pretty gradient of color. Very clever and marvelous repurposing of bottles you would normally toss.

  5. That is so cool - have never seen bottles painted like that before!

  6. Very cute. Would love to see the afters of you mother's kitchen too!

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  11. any special kind of spray paint?

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  13. Any please tell me the dark blue shade name


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