Vintage style miniature wreath ornaments

I found a really cool vintage funky green crushed velvet bedspread for 2.00, it has a small spot on the center but I didn’t care because I knew I was going to use it for fabric.
I’ve made several throw pillows and now the little wreath ornaments.


I cut a small slits a little wider than 1/4 inch on the end of the fabric, then tore the fabric into strips.
The wreath shape was cut out of cardboard, a fast trick for cutting out the inside is to cut a slit and then cut the inside, when your done, use clear tape to seal back the edges. It so much faster this way.
Just wrap a strip around the cardboard wreath and secure with hot glue. Then add any embellishments you like.


They make great tree ornaments, magnets or gift package embellishments.
Fun, cheap and easy to do.

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  1. These little wreaths are ADORABLE! Thanks so much for the inspiration. :)

  2. sooo cute! I love the idea of mini wreaths! they'd be so cute as magnets too!

  3. wonderful! they turned out so well. thanks for sharing how you made them!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  4. Oh so loving these...the fabric is marvelous!!!

  5. Whoa! I want that bedspread!! Those are the cutest little wreaths! Very great project idea :)

  6. These are adorable! I just love that funky green color! Thanks Trixie, you know I'm pinning!

  7. Hilarious! My Mom and Dad had that groovy bedspread when I was growing up. lol
    Your wreaths are too cute. So enjoyed your Holiday tour as well. The aqua and green are just so joyful. Have a blessed holiday season.


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