Repurposed Vintage Doilies and Frames

Ever wonder what to do with vintage crochet doilies and table runners?
I love them but don’t use them in my décor and wanted to come up with something  to showcase their beauty.
Vintage wood frames and vintage doilies make a lovely combination.
Here’s what I came up with.
 Tip: you don't need to use a square doily for a square frame, most of the doilies I used were round. I also think they look better when the center of the doily is off center in the frame, it also makes it easier to attach to the frame.



Staple and stretch the lace over the backside of the frame, make sure you stretch it rather taught, the tighter it is the better it will look.
I also used an old wood window frame, if you don’t have enough room on the middle cross bars to staple, you can also use a fast setting epoxy to adhere the lace to the frame.
When you’re done stapling or gluing, trim the excess doily with scissors. 




It was a fast, easy project, I hope you try it.

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  1. This is really pretty! I have the perfect window frame - now I just need to gather up some doilies:)

  2. I love this idea!! Sooo cute:)

  3. What a cute idea to use the doilies that way! Hugs- Diana

  4. I remember decorating my first house (1977) in old frames with doilies. gee I'm a head of my time (or just old fashioned) I'll have to dig them out again!

  5. Love it - what a great idea - I have quite a few doilies - I am going to try this - thanks!!

  6. This is a great idea since people around where I live almost "worship" their doilies. LOL! But I don't like to use them on the backs of furniture or under vases as they do around here. So this is a great alternative. But I doubt I would cut off any excess. I'd probably just figure out a way to "hide" it behind the frame...heaven knows you don't cut up grandma's "good doilies"! Haha!

  7. This is a great way to use some of the doilies I have from my grandmother. They are just sitting in a drawer right now. Now I need another old window! :)

  8. My fav is the window frame for sure

  9. Very cute idea. I do use a lot of doilies but I like them in the window frame.

  10. I have a bag full of my grandmother's doilies. I might have to try this with a few.

  11. Aren't they just resplendent! The patterns are outstanding and you have come up with such a great way of displaying them.

    thanks for sharing at Beautiful Junk Saturday.

  12. This is truly stunning! I love the fact that I've never seen it done before... only you my friend. Only you. :)

    Shared on FJI facebook for SNS 107 and pinned. :)


  13. Seriously NEVER thought I would see the day that I could ever like a doile. My mother would be proud... this is super cute! Very creative kudos. Carrie

  14. Oh! I'll be featuring you tomorrow during Sticker Time ;)

  15. What a great idea, they look so cute.
    Wish you a good weekend!

  16. I love this look. Just like it on FB too.

  17. This is such a stunning idea!! So rustic with a soft pretty touch!

  18. this is a great ideal, I have loads of these from my grandmother and a few windows that I have trying to decide what to do with....thanks for sharing

  19. What a great idea! I was hunting around for some things to do with old doilies and I love this. I would like to share it on the Examiner's Arts & Crafts page. I particularly like to share repurposed ideas. I'll link to this post and credit the photo as well. Please let me know what you think. Cheers!

  20. This is a very great idea indeed. The combination of doilies and frame created an amazing decoration. If you have time and wood working skills, you could have used router bits to give too much details to the frame.

  21. SO very beautiful! I wish i was a little more talented when it came to knitting and crocheting (I can do only the basics) because this would make such a lovely gift this coming holiday season!

    Irene (Kildonan)

  22. SO very beautiful! I wish i was a little more talented when it came to knitting and crocheting.

    Irene (Mattitos Tex Mex )

  23. You could hang your earrings on them. :-)


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