Found the Fabric!


Good news! Every since I starting blogging and sharing pictures of my home I would get emails asking me where on earth did I get my dining room curtain fabric from? Of course I purchased it several years ago and had no idea of the name. I originally purchased from Fabric Guru, it was a discontinued pattern and all  I knew was I loved it. I received another email last week and it finally hit me to search back 3 years of emails hoping to find the confirmation order email and hoping it would have the pattern name and company, yeah!!!! It did!


Here it is made into pillows, isn’t it pretty!
Abbey Lane by Laura Ashley- the Lapis color version. I also found it here for a great price, it’s a discontinued pattern so if you love it and want it you better get it now!


  1. Love the curtains and the pillows!
    Beautiful rooms.
    -Kim :)

  2. What a lovely fabric. I'm glad that you found the name and the source.


  3. Wow - 3 years of email to find that... you should win the nice blogger of the year award for that one! :-) The fabric is gorgeous by the way!

  4. Gorgeous fabric and how nice of you to find it for us!

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  6. I am in LOVE with your headboard. Was it a DIY project or did you purchase it?

  7. I love your beautiful shutter idea! I featured you on my blog.


  8. Your home looks very cute! It looks very comfortable to live there.

    layana resort and spa

  9. I love the headboards. It looks very simple yet classy. I would love to have a room design that looks lie this one. By the way, is that a wooden headboard? I hope that you could post some of your exterior designs.



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