Cottage of the Month

I was so happy when I found out we were chosen for April's Cottage of the Month at the Old Painted Cottage.
Before I ever started my blog, I recall seeing Jennifer's home and her cottage of the month feature, and one of my dreams was to be featured there one day. Her style and home are amazing, so you can see why I'm so happy that my dream came true.

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I changed a few things in the bedroom and living room to give a subtle but new look to the spaces.


Thank you so much Jennifer!!

april award

Pop over to her blog to see the entire feature click Here


  1. What a great feature! Your home is cozy and warm and bright! Just beautiful! Congrats!

  2. Congrats Trixie!! Your cottage is one of my favs:)

  3. Congratulations ~ wonderful feature. Just beautiful ;-)

  4. Congratulations on being chosen for Cottage of the Month!! How exciting!! I just went and looked at the photos and your home is so incredibly beautiful!!! Great job!

  5. congrats! your home is just dreamy and cozy looking and you so deserve all the praise!

  6. Congratulations. I will pop over and check it out!!

  7. I so enjoyed your house tour! Thank you for sharing so many beautiful spaces in your home. Loves the table in your kitchen and the fabulous light fixture above it!

  8. Oh goodie, I love to look at pictures of your things! I love your pottery and of course your choice of colors.

  9. Well deserved Trix!


  10. Okay - So I LOVE your home. It's beautiful. When I move to my next home, I am TOTALLY going to look at your pics once again for inspiration!

  11. Congratulations Trixie. What a beautiful cottage you've created.
    - Joy

  12. Congratulations Trixie!!!! That is wonderful, I'm going to hop on over there and see all of the wonderful photos of your beautiful home! I have loved the monthly feature long before I blogged also, so much inspiration over there... xoxo

  13. Congrats! Can't wait to go see! I just love your home.

  14. Congratulations, Trixie- I am so happy for you. I will pop over and see the whole feature~ xxoo Diana

  15. Congrats Trixie,
    On Cottage of the Month.
    I really like your use of turquoise.

  16. Trixie:

    Congratulations on receiving such an honor!

    I also began my adventure into blogging by touring through the Cottages of the Month.

    Your home looks so incredible. Your kitchen remodel turned out so perfectly. I know how hard you worked on it, and, believe me, it was ALL SO WORTH it.

    Just loved seeing you pop up in this month's cottage. You have been an inspiration to me.



  17. exciting!!

    Off to take a peek!

  18. Congrats Trixie!! Your home is so gorgeous.You sure deserve it!


  19. Congratulations... I feel proud for you!!!

  20. Congratulations! I just looked at all of your photos. Your home is gorgeous! You've done a beautiful job with every inch of it. Love the color you used in your bedroom. I'm so happy that you got to see one of your dreams come true!

  21. Those colors are so cool and dreamy. Love them. Is color coming back??

  22. Hi Trixie!!

    What an awesome blog! I love your spaces!! Can't wait to see more! I'm your newest follower!!


  23. I just found you via the painted cottage :D I love the cottage of the month feature :) And I love your home. In many ways it reminds me of my own cottage, allthough mine is maybe slightly less "frilly" in loss of a better word. We use the same color scheme it seems :D I am now gonna stroll around here for a while, check out your past post ect ect. A new favorite! :)

    Best wishes from Tee in Norway

  24. I saw you on "Cottage of the Month", and your house looked FABULOUS! I know you must be tickled to death to be chosen, because Jennifer always picks the most amazing cottages. Congratulations!


  25. Trixie, looks like your home is a huge hit, as I knew it would be : )
    Thank you again for allowing me to feature your gorgeous cottage home!


  26. Trixie, your home is a breath of fresh air! I so love the blue/greens that you use in your decorating, contrasting with the whites - devine! Congrats on COTM!



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