Keep Calm and Carry On+Union Jack

I must say I'm in love with the Union Jack Flag, but I guess it's hard not to love it, it has such great graphic lines.
I guess part of me loves it because I lived in England for awhile when I was twenty, it's a gorgeous County, and I would love to visit again someday.
I wanted to share my new print "Keep Calm and Carry On" with you.


Of course mine is turquoise! I printed it on vintage camel colored typewriter paper. I already had the vintage frame, I love how it looks with the oval mat.


There are six different colors available.
The print is 8 X 10 on 8.5 x 13 inch paper. (frame not included)
Please visit my ETSY Store, if you would like one for yourself.

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  1. That's MY daily motto- Keep calm and carry on! I love the turquoise one! Diana

  2. Gah! Leave it to you to take a couple of elements that have been around awhile a breath fresh new life into them. This is a wonderful idea!

  3. I just read your post about Fibromyalgia...sorry for your pain, but thrilled that you have found Cymbalta.
    A close friend and my sister both have Fibromyalgia, I have seen them suffer :( Both of them have had some success on Cymbalta, but after a while it seems to plateau - I'm sorry to discourage you...however, my sister has started taking Reliv - it has made a major difference for her.
    I don't sell it and actually I don't even know where she get hers from. I thought I would just pass the info on to case Cymbalta "wears off" for you, you could try the Reliv if you are interested :)
    Just Google it!
    I enjoy your blog, too!

  4. Fabulous Use Of The Union Jack!Especially Love The Turquoise One! Also Thanks Miss Trixie For Sharing Your Sensational Lighting Idea! Sending Love & Georgia Sunshine, Terri

  5. That was one of the first things I did April 1st got my coffee and went strait over to COM I was happy to see it was you. Congrats..happy weekend



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