Design project challenge and giveaway

Have you tried DECOART'S modeling paste yet?
If you haven't, you really must give it a try, you'll be so amazed at the texture it can create.


I made the picture frame using a plain unfinished frame found at my local craft store. I applied one coat of turquoise acrylic craft paint, and for the stencil I used a sheet of laser cut scrapbook paper. For this project I tinted the modeling paste with a little bit of green craft paint before applying it. It worked out great, just make sure if you try this not to thin down the paste too much. The paste needs to be thick enough so it doesn't leak underneath your stencil. I like to let it dry at least 24 hours. Once dry I sanded the edges and aged it by using a thinned down dark brown paint, wiping off any excess.
For more detailed instructions check out my dresser/buffet project redo Here.

Now onto the challenge and the giveaway.....
The challenge is to create your own craft or decor project using DECOART'S modeling paste.
If you haven't ever tried this stuff, you really should! You'll be amazed at the all the things you can make with it, and the texture it creates.

The winner be chosen randomly and will receive this picture frame and also  products from DECOART.
Now what are you waiting for?????
Get busy and join me back here on July 27th to enter your project.


  1. I've never used this product, but I have used something called Wood Icing. Is the same concept?

    I can see this being a great product for larger stencils too, creating a kind a bas relief.

    I need to check this stuff out.
    Thanks for the info.

  2. Your frame turned out just fabulous! I love the texture and your choice of color! I have an old lamp that would look great with a new coat of paint and some decoart!
    Wonderful and inspiring post!
    NOw off to find out more about it!

  3. Your frame is really nice! Great colors and I like the flower you added. I am in the process of using DecoArt's modeling paste thanks to your help. I will let you know how it turns out! I am excited!

  4. Wow - this is really beautiful. NOt sure I could do this myself though...I love it!!!

  5. Love love love the frame. Tis fabulous!!
    I have used the modeling paste and it is terrific!!

  6. You are an amazing women with fabulous style always coming up with great ideas and actually doing them to make your home as lovely as it is.

    I appreciate you sharing ..... Your like a magazine with great tips to offer!

    Have a Wonderful Day*

  7. What a fabulous job you did on that frame...I love the color and everything about it. I am definitely going to try the product. Thank you for sharing. Karen

  8. I love this look! those to colors are great together! Great job!!!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  9. I am willing to jump in and try something new.
    Your frame is stunning!
    Isn't turquoise just the greatest color?

    I have a tablescape on a post that reminds me of your frame colors.

    White Spray Paint

  10. OMgosh! I've just found your blog and I love it. You love the same things I do! Everything you've done is just gorgeous!


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