Kitchen Reno- Day 1

Bye ugly old floor.
Boy was I glad to get rid of that ugly mess, only to find uglier underneath.
(this was the color the kitchen was when we bought the house)

This was our first day of reno. We removed the flooring, which were vinyl tiles covering ugly ugly 1970's-ish ceramic tile ,sorry I don't have a picture to show you just how ugly the ceramic tile was, but I'm sure you can only imagine how it looked if you were around in the 70's.
We used a small pry bar to wedge up under the ceramic tile and remove it from the backing, and since the vinyl tile was still adhered to the top, it minimized the chipping/flying ceramic debris. Broken ceramic tile and be just as sharp as glass can, so you have to be careful.


Because of the age, the tile mastic separated very easily from the underlayment.
We're doing all the work ourselves except the plumbing and electrical. So it will take a little time to get done, but at least we know it will be done right and the way we want it. Stayed tuned to see what I want the new floor to look like.


  1. How exciting! Getting rid of the old is a good feeling!! I'm definitely staying tuned...


  2. I will stay tuned...We've been doing remodeling on this old house for 13 years! So, I enjoy seeing someone be done with something! lol


  3. I am excited to see the progress!

  4. What an exciting time around your home! It is always so thrilling when we can update our decor. I'll be watching the progress!

  5. What a great feeling when you transform something yourself. Best wishes to you as you DIY.

  6. Oh man can't wait to see the final outcome!

    The Gilded Barn

  7. Oh I love remodeling! Can't wait to see more pics.

  8. I am so excited for you. I know you are going to do something AMAZING! Lori

  9. remolding is alot of work but after it's done you feel so good to see things more appealing. rose

  10. How exciting! I'm going to show my husband your finished floor when you post the pictures. We have SUPER UGLY 70 tiles in our entry way (dark brown mottled with black and gold) and I want it to go away! I often think of dropping something very heavy on the floor in the hopes of cracking some of the tiles and moving the project on sooner than later. :o)

  11. I love tearing up the ugly and putting the beautiful in! Can't wait to see how it is going to look. I also know how much work goes into all the remodeling, this has been my life since October. ;) As I always say, it will be worth it in the end. Excited to see what your doing with the floor!


  12. Looks like work to me. Also, I can't imagine anyone not liking a flea market...fleas are cheaper by the dozen if you really like a
    I invite you to follow my blog as I did yours.

  13. Looks like a lot of work but I am sure is going to turn beautiful.
    Good luck…… I will come back to check on the progress.

  14. Oh, Trixie, I cannot wait to see how you do a kitchen. I know it's going to make me want to get to work on mine. Can't wait to see...

  15. I can't wait to watch to see how you transform your space--you are SO Good at it! You must be beside yourself with excitement!

    I did a post today on the desk re-do that I was inspired to complete after seeing your SYTYCD post on your buffet. I am pleased with the results and I learned quite a bit along the way...wanted to say thank you for all your inspiration.

    Starview Sonnet


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