Road Trip!

I’m so excited, I’m headed to Mt.Dora, Florida this weekend for the Antiques Extravaganza.

I’ve never been before so I hope to find some goodies!!! It's a little less than a 4 hour drive so we're leaving at 4:00 in the morning (yuk!!) to get there around 8. Oh  the things we do to find  neat treasures and hopefully a good bargain.


  1. I'm sooooo jealous...I have always wanted to go to Mt.Dora...can't wait to see all your goodies...hope you have a wonderful trip!


  2. hey, it will only take a minute for me to pack!!!! have a great treasure hunting time. deb

  3. I wish you good look...I love the fleamarkeds:)
    take care..
    hugs from elin Anita

  4. I know you are going to have a great time!! I bet you find some really good deals!! Have fun!

  5. Have a great time! It sounds like a wonderful trip - I'm envious. Nice weather and junk = perfection! We're to get 8" of snow here so now you know why I'm especially jealous :)

  6. That sounds like alot of fun!!! Hope you find alot of treasures... Have a blessed day!

  7. Hahaha, just find a really good place to have breakfast and make that a lil' treat to ease the pain of getting up so early!

    Have a wonderful time and make sure and show us the loot!

  8. Have a great time! I can't wait to see what you find.

  9. Have a fun and safe trip and please share your new treasures with us! Have a great weekend!

  10. Sounds like a blast! I can't wait to see all your loot! Have fun.

  11. I that this weekend? Ohhh I can't make it or I would go and look for ya. Have fun, you should be there as I'm typing this. It's huge! I go by myself so I can do what I want. Is that selfish?

  12. I just popped in after visitng Karen at My Desert Cottage...she is so right! I love everything I see in your blog!

    Hope you find lots of treasures!


  13. Soo a good way of course!! Wish I could go and shop with you! Have a wonderful time. Can't wait to see what you come back with!!

    Have a safe trip!

    Hugs and love,

  14. I have spent the last half hour devouring you blog. Oh so talented you are...but what I really I am interested in are you curtains. I love them. We just bought a brand new home and I look at Target and other stores and the length of them are always 85". I want them to the floor. But I am going to look for twin sheets...I am going to put you in my favorites for sure...thankyou for sharing your projects..sally

  15. You lucky girl! I'm sick with jealousy! Can't wait to see what you find. Whatever it is, I know you'll make it even more beautiful once you get it home! Hope you have a safe trip and return soon to all your fans here in Blogland. Yes are a celebrity! You know it's true!

    Blessings, joy and sunshine, Terri

  16. your website looks like cake. i would like to eat it.


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