Fabulous Etsy Finds #2



Check out this cute jewelry that she makes  from her original photos. Her ETSY store has only been open since January this year, so please drop by her store for a visit.

Blooming Coral Blossom.

she created these lovely necklaces  from  flowers growing in her own garden and layered them to give a blooming effect

Pink Blossom.With Daisies

Cosmos blossom.

and check out the butterflies, so cute!

Blooming Butterfly

Just too cute, Love them all!


  1. Dear Trixie, What wonderful imagery! I have explored her shop and will place an order soon! Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. This jewelry is fantastic, I will be placing an order very soon! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful jewelry!

    You have a really lovely blog and a drool worthy Etsy shop. So glad to have discovered you!

    All the best,

  4. I stopped by her store. Oh what delightful jewelry!! I must have some! Thanks

  5. These pieces are stunning! I had to bring my husband in here to show him your beautiful blog. Wanted him to especially see the newest post on the rustic table below. Still reeling over that one!

  6. Hi Trixie,
    These pieces are so unique and fun! Thanks for sharing and pointing us in her direction! Your shop is awesome and I have been enjoying your posts as well!
    Take care, Laura :)


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