Lesson Learned

I thought I would share this with you and I'm sure some of you have similar experiences with completing a project only to find out it won't be lasting long in your house.
We inherited chair rail molding in the entrance and hallway in our new-old house and while I don't mind chair rail, I wasn't  crazy about the height at which it was hung. So I decided I was going to be clever and install wallpaper that looks just like beadboard. I'm sure most of you have seen this stuff, it's great, not expensive and easy to install.
I loved it!
But here's the problem, I have cats (4 of them) and I love them dearly, they're my kids, but one crazy kitty in particular (Gabby)
P1020018abfigured out that the brand new wallpaper that looks like beadboard but really isn't beadboard would make for a great scratching pad.
And scratched she has, here,there and everywhere. UUUUGH!
She is the only cat I've ever had that likes to scratch things that are vertical. Who knew!
So something to think about next time you have a project, is it pet friendly?
I'm now trying to figure out the decorating dilemma all over again, Thanks Miss Gabby!!

(yes I still love her even though she's so bad) :)


  1. So sorry...go with thr real thing...it's very easy to install...we have put it up in our home and three beach condos...LOVE it!


  2. Oh my stars, who would have thought of THAT?!?!?! Thanks so much for the heads up!

  3. Glad to hear this, b/c I was thinking about doing this to the end of the island and we have a "Zee Cat" who is a blk/wht tuxedo kitty and like your Gabby like to scratch vertical! The two front corners on every dining room chair are completly shreded! Time for a recover!

  4. Doh!!!

    Yeah. The real thing is the answer for your home I suppose.


  5. Oh no! I never would've thought of a cat scratching that. I have two cats, so I know this battle. Too bad.

  6. I can relate. I decorate and remodel accordingly...no tassels, no decorative beads, etc. And I just painted a chair white...my black cat thought she needed to rub against it. The paint eventually wore off of her, sigh.
    Still love my cat here at Lakewood,

  7. I have been laughing myself silly while reading Gabby's story! Don't be mad at me. I cannot help it..that's a sensational story!! Then to follow it up with a photo of her handywork..oh my goodness..I'm still laughing. I'm sorry..can't help myself.

    Okay..I'm better now. :D I want to say that the first photo (mantel) was breathtaking..STILL LOVIN' YOUR DESIGN STYLE!!! Seriously..your house should be photographed for a magazine layout. Where's the phone..if someone doesn't beat me to it, I need to contact either "Romantic Homes," or "House Beautiful," or who ever!

    Oh..before closing..if Gabby needs a new home following her wallpaper mischief..she can come live at my house, okay..

    May blessings, peace, and rays of the purest sunshine follow you always, Terri

  8. Yikes, I just ordered this wallpaper to put in my powder room. This will (hopefully) remind me to keep the door closed. One of my cats also likes to scratch vertical - I picked up wood filler this week to repair the newel post he's trashed.

  9. I know, I never thought of that! I had considered this stuff several times, but decided against it. I figured it would dent easily, but one of our cats would probably be like yours and scratch it!

    Thanks for the heads up!

  10. Girl, we are kindred spirits! I have four cats too, so I can totally relate! My newest addition is attacking the tassel hanging on my armoire even as I type this!

    Thanks for the info!

    Lou Cinda :)


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