Having trouble picking out the right paint color for your room?

With hundreds and hundreds of color chips, it can daunting to pick the right paint color. I find that I get the best colors by mixing them myself.  I like using  2oz acrylic craft paints to mix my sample colors. I mix several colors, white, black or whatever it takes to achieve the color I’m looking for.
Once I’ve mixed up a few colors that I like, I paint the colors on a piece of white paper and also paint a large test square on the wall in the room I’ll be painting. (Make sure you label them so you will know which one to take to the paint store.) I think you should live with the color a few days before making your decision because natural light as well as interior lighting can change the look of your color.
Once I’ve made my decision, I go to Lowes or Home Depot to have it matched on their color computer and because the computer assigns a  formula to the color it scans you’ll be able to get the exact match in the future  by using the formula sticker.
If all that seems like too much trouble, I recommend you purchase  paint samples  from the paint store. The samples sell for 3-4 dollars a can, while it can add up if you have several, it’s still  usually cheaper than purchasing all the paint for your room only to find out you hate it once it’s on the wall. You could  also pick out a color in the the fabric you’ll be using and have the computer color match it.
P.S. I highly recommend this Paint by Olympic (sold at Lowes), it’s a zero VOC paint which means it won’t off-gas.
Zero VOC paint as been on the market for several years but it’s also expensive, the great thing about this Olympic paint it’s very affordable , safe for you and the environment.  I have asthma and anytime I used regular paint I would have to wear one of these beauties,051141902791md
(not cute and  not comfortable) but with this paint, no mask, no smell and no off gassing!  It’s the best paint!!!! Happy painting.


  1. I just love your blog, your style, your creations. I've printed on burlap before, but yours was amazing!!! I think I need to try the matte finish spray. Keep up the beautiful work!

  2. That's a really great idea! I never thought about mixing my own & then taking it to get a gallon or what not. Since we paint constantly that's something to seriously consider! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. What great advice. I wish I would have known this earlier because I just "repainted" my powder room because the first color was too intense. I'll remember this tip for next time.

  4. what a great idea! i always mix my own colors when i paint small things, so why not walls? since we plan on moving soon, i know this idea will come in handy.

  5. I almost always use a respirator while painting...always when I use my sprayer. Those are some great tips. I am a huge fan of samples.

  6. Good for you for using Zero VOC paint!! The Valspar brand is low VOC, but zero is even better!! I'll have to try the Olympic brand...thanks for the recommendation...

    Have a great weekend!!

    :) T

  7. That's a brilliant idea! Not only because then you get exactly what you want, but also because you will always be able to duplicate it.

  8. Spray painting is a painting technique where a device sprays a coating (paint, ink, varnish, etc.) through the air onto a surface. tdhuu


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