Easy Gathering Technique

Have you ever needed to gather something but didn't want to use the old standard straight stitch technique.
The first time I used this technique I was amazed how easy it was.
P1020055I used this technique when I made my dust ruffle.

This method is great for gathering large pieces, or heavy fabrics. You will need heavy thread, or kite string.
A- Set your zig zag stitch to its widest, and longest setting
B- Put your fabric under the presser foot set to sew at 1/2".
C- Set your thread on the fabric so that it will be in the center of the zig zag stitch.
D- Begin stitching over the thread. Make sure you don't sew through the thread.
E- When you are ready, pull the strings to gather the fabric easily.
Tutorial source was found here


  1. L o v e the name of your blog! Nice tutorial for gathering. Thanks!

  2. That's how I've always done gathers. Much easier! I just used this technique to put the ruffles on my pillowcases :)

  3. Trixie, this is good. I must get my sewing machine fixed and try it. I have lots of projects stacking up. Love the gathered pillowcases I saw last week!

  4. That seems like it would be very easy if you don't sew the thread to the fabric....I feel like I would end up catching it several times :)


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