Dreaming of Turquoise

Oh how I love the color turquoise and all it’s varying shades. It’s such a happy cheerful color but also tranquil.

I’ll be decorating my bedroom soon and turquoise it shall be, along with creams and whites.

Don’t you just love this tufted headboard?

   Image Source here

Love the mix of creams, white and aqua.

  Image Source here

I think I little princess lives in this room.

decor pad3 Image-Decor Pad

Love the simplicity of this one.

decor pad1                  Image-Decor Pad

          The cottage look of this one is just lovely.       

bhg                       Image-Better Homes and Gardens


  1. Turquoise rocks...LOVE it! Yes, I do LOVE that HEADBOARD...it's on 2010 project list! Hope you have a great SUNDAY.


  2. I just did a post about doing my bedroom pale aqua blue with subtle browns and beiges....would love to know what you think!

    I saw many of those images last night too....can't get enough turquoise blue :)

  3. I love that tufted headboard in the first picture, Trixie. Very serene bedrooms and wonderful inspiration pictures if you choose to do a bedroom in this scheme.

  4. I pretty much love anything tufted. That first photo is amazing!


  5. I am right there with you on aqua. As you know, that's the route I'm going in my master bedroom. Aquas, creams, whites, and browns. I am a lover of blue & white and this is just a branch off that tree.

  6. In my new life (remarriage at 50) Turquoise is my NEW color. with a mixture of beige or brown, yum Thank you for the inspiration.

  7. I have to say that I am so happy that turquoise is the color this year. I am planning on doing our master bedroom in turquoise and light brown this summer. It's never had a makeover. I can't wait to start. I also can't wait to see yours when completed.

  8. I have not had a headboard in 25 years of marriage and I would love that one! Turquoise is o beautiful and calming. I love all the pics! Thanks for sharing!

  9. thank u thank u thank u! I'm redoing our bedroom mainly white and silver but I wanted an accent color... Nothing too girlie nothing to manly! Turquoise YES! Perfect... that Headboard! I am chanelling that into my next room project!!!! THANKS AGAIN FAB POST LOVE THE PICS!

  10. Oh I love turquoise too! My living room is chocolate brown and turquoise....I love it! I'm automatically drawn to anything that color and have tons of clothes in that color too.


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