Beautiful Headboard Inspirations

We moved into our new old house around a year ago and I still have no idea how I want to decorate our bedroom. I have tons of ideas but can't seem to commit to just one. I know I want a different headboard than the one I used in my townhouse bedroom, although I love this headboard I just want a change.

My old bedroom at my townhouse

Here are some lovely headboard pictures I found for inspiration, maybe one will inspire you as well.

Images from Country Living, Costal Living, Houzz, Canadian House and Home and Better Homes and Gardens


  1. I love the old doors (third photo down). I would have used that type of decor ... but hubby didn't like it and he is the decorator in our family.

  2. Great inspiration! And honestly? I like yours more than the inspiration pieces! :) I do really like the one that appears to be a fireplace mantel though.

    Because I couldn't afford a headboard, I've created all of my own from throw aways, including an old door and gate for my own bedroom. I've gone through two now (due to my incessant need to create) and my son has an off the wall treatment as well.

    Headboards can be such a creative outlet! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


  3. I love your headboard! I currently have no headboard because I didn't want to rush into buying just anything when we redecorated our master {it's been about 4 years now!}. There are so many to choose from and while I know I like something with a shape, I'm stuck between wood and upholstered.

  4. oooo I love your headboard, but I know how we decorating types get kinda tired of the same thing. Maybe paint it?

    I have a challenge myself because our bed can only sit under a window in our bedroom. I found one that sits below it without blocking the view, but what I'd really like is an old iron bed that sits up high and then incorporate the window treatment into the the picture with the iron canopy you showed. BTW, I have most of those photos in my inspiration files too :)

  5. I really like you black headboard.
    But I also love the idea of using an old mantel as a headboard. I'm loving all those dreamy cremes and whites. I still haven't found a headboard for my guest bedroom bed, and I can't figure out what I want. So, thanks for the inspiration.

  6. I like the rather off-beat ones that weren't meant to be headboards. To me, makes them more interesting!

  7. My fav is...the fireplace mantel! I LOVE your I'm a new follower. Hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  8. Oh my favorite is the mantel! It's fantastic! I do love old doors as headboards too!

  9. I am so happy my headboard was an inspiration for you! I took that headboard down the other day (4th pic down) and I'm creating something different!


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