Today is the Day

Today is the day, my first day in blogland. I'm so excited but I'll have to admit I'm a little intimidated with all this blog stuff. Is it me or is this computer stuff getting more complex? Oh well on to the fun stuff. I'll be joining the furniture post from one of my favorite blogs, Miss Mustard seed. Furniture Feature Fridays I unfortunately don't have a before picture, but it started out as a not so bad craigslist find. It was originally black and beige decorated with painted flowers on each drawer, I didn't hate the way it looked but I knew the colors wouldn't work in my house and the top was damaged. You will begin to see my favorite color is turquoise, and turquoise it had to be. I painted the middle drawer using a lazer cut scrapbook page as my stencil. The new and improved bombay chest fits perfectly in my entrance way.


  1. The piece os a beauty! I love the color, the mirror hung above it and the small plates framing it out. I've been waiting for your blog to go "live" and I can tell you're going to have a lot of great pictures and inspiration to offer. I just became your second follower! :) I hope you link up to FFF often.

  2. I love bombay chests. I love turquoise! I love that makeover!!!!!! Can't believe you only have one comment... cuz that's a hit!

  3. WOW! It's AMAZING! I can't wait to read your future posts!


  4. Beautiful! Welcome to blogland. Can't wait to see more!

  5. Welcome to the crazy world of blogging. Hey you are one up on me- I still dont' know how to do a button.
    I love your dresser - you did a great job.


  6. You're off to a beautiful start! Don't let the technology get to you, I still don't have much of it figured out. Just post and share, keep it YOU, and enjoy the wonderful friendships that blogging brings. I'll be checking back!

  7. Stunning! I'd love to see a closeup of the detail on that dresser.


  8. Your blog layout is stunning. And love the name. I'll be back.

  9. Hi!!!
    I just love your blog and I'm going to be featuring you on my blog today!!!

    I just want to know...who designed your's soooo pretty.

  10. SIX IN ONE HAND, thank you...
    My site was designed by
    I love what she came up with.

  11. I love this chest, and your work to make it turquoise is amazing! I think your blog is going to very popular!


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