My Very First Feature

What a great day it was, I'm so excited to announce that I was featured on Miss Mustard Seed's wonderful blog today. I was chosen as the winner for the Furniture Feature Friday Blog Party. I'm loving being in blogland, tons of talented, crafty people out there. Check out her blog:

Miss Mustard Seed's Creative Blog

it's full of great inspiration and beautiful furniture. Thanks to everyone that left comments and became followers today.


  1. Get use to it Trixie. I have a feeling we'll be seeing alot of you. :)

    You were also spotlighted from the SNS #10 event. Your work is awesome!

    And indeed, Mustard Seed Creations has long been a fav of mine. She has great taste. :)


  2. Congrats. I agree with FJI, your stuff is gorgeous!

  3. I was excited to see that I was spotlighted on SNS. Thanks Donna.
    PS. Love the new look for your bedroom, it's so pretty!

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