My Special Christmas Present

First I must say, how lucky am I that I have a wonderful sweet talented boyfriend, so lucky! He made this special gift for me for Christmas, it's a document portfolio and I just love it.

He said that he added the heart on the front because he loves me so much. Awe, how sweet is that.....


  1. That is wonderful! You should have him offer those to other people for sale (in your etsy shop!). Can he do them in other colors?
    You are indeed a lucky gal!

  2. Too much talent in your household! Your boyfriend did a beautiful job on that portfolio. I agree with Polly, he could easily sell them!

  3. i just found your blog a few nights ago...i can't remember how. wow! what a gift! it is beautiful. you are one luckly gal.

  4. That is beautiful! Those are the best gifts ~ made with love. Plus, you'll think of him every time you use it ~ smart guy! ; )

  5. He's very talented leathersmith and it's amazing how many hours go into making leather goods, I wouldn't have the patience. He'll be opening his own ETSY store soon "Havana Leathersmith".

  6. What a beautiful gift. I agree with the others, you should sell these.

  7. That's absolutely stunning! He must have an amazing amount of patience to do that type of craft! I just love your home - turquoise is my favorite & every time I visit you I just love it even more!

  8. My kind of gift - practical and sentimental. You're one lucky gal.


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