I'm dreaming of a white christmas......

*I know Christmas is almost here but it's never to late for inspiration*

Images from Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens and Canadian House and Home


  1. Beautiful pics. I always love all white rooms, but they are hard to pull off well. These room are gorgeous.

  2. Stunning.

    There is something magical about white if done right. My first white room was my bedroom and I smile every time I walk in. It does work! And my goal next year is definitely for a whiter Christmas.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. I just wanted to let you know you are the FFF winner from last week. I just posted your feature, so make sure to check it out!

  4. Your blog is beautiful. I'm still trying to figure out the blog world! LOL
    I'm a new follower, and can't wait to see your projects.
    Merry Christmas,

  5. I like non traditional trees. The first pic with the snow covered tree is awesome.

  6. *YOU* have an absolutely darling blog! So nice to meet and discover you. :-)
    And congrats on the big contest win, too!
    Merry Christmas,

  7. Just found your blog and had to follow...for the love of blue, aqua, and turquoise! I'm a flea market fanatic, too. It's more of an addiction. :) Come on over and sit a spell sometime. Door is always open.
    Happy Holidays!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  8. I came over from Miss Mustard Seed. Congrats on starting your blog. I've really enjoyed seeing what you've created so far and am going to follow to see what else is in store.
    Have a wonderful holiday.

  9. Just found your blog from Miss Mustard Seed - it's fabulous! My sisters & I are also big flea market finders. Check us out at www.etheledith.com. Have a merry Christmas & happy new year!

  10. By the way, the stuff in your Etsy show is gorgeous! Very tempting...

  11. Just discovered your blog via Mustard Seed Creations. Count me as a new "Follower" - I love what you're sharing!
    Happy Holidays,

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