Monday, March 17, 2014

Beach Cottage Exterior Progress

 I know, I know, I have been missing in action for the past few months, 
we’ve been working hard on the beach cottage and progress is for sure happening. 

We pretty much only work there on the weekends and sometimes a long weekend.

There is nothing better than taking a break from all the work and walking a few houses down, 
putting your feet in the sand and floating on a raft in the gorgeous turquoise water,
 I love every minute of it. 

Here is a picture of what the cottage looked like when we purchased it.
 It was built in 1955.



We had the roof on the house replaced, we painted the exterior a lovely shade of aqua, 
painted the picket fence and added the arbor. 

We still need to do some front yard landscaping and redo the railing on the 
roof deck and put a couple of coats of white paint on the trim and roof deck. 

I promise I’ll be sharing more pictures along the way, there is a ton of progress to see.