Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Beach Cottage, dream and nightmare rolled into one

(gorgeous beach access down the street from our cottage)

As most of you know, I live in sunny Florida and when you think of Florida, do you think of the beach? I do, and I’ve always dreamed of having a beach cottage one day….
Well, back in June we became the owners of said beach cottage, dream come true, kind of…. a dream and nightmare rolled together!

We were crazy enough to take a chance on bidding on a foreclosure, we had no idea what the house looked like inside, we only knew the square footage and the location. Did I tell you it was only a block from the beach?  It’s located in Laguna Beach, Florida, the west end of Panama City Beach, and only 6 miles east of Rosemary Beach.

The cottage is only two hours from our house, so of course we took a drive over to see it, (many trips actually), and finally became brave enough to bid to reach our dream. And, we won the bid!!!!

Well here comes the fun part: the owner was still living there, can you say awkward and scary? He also owned another beach house close by, but I guess he thought he wouldn’t have to leave, even though all of the court due process actions all the way through final judgment and auction dates would indicate otherwise. Now please understand that I felt for the guy (and anyone else that has ever been in this situation of having their house foreclosed on), I can’t imagine and only hope I never find out.

In Florida, you have to wait a period of ten working days after you’ve won the bid on a foreclosure property. The Certificate of Sale then becomes a Certificate of Title. A long time to wait and anguish over! (And, think about getting insurance on something that you own but don’t yet possess and other possibilities that come to mind while you sleep). But, it allows the foreclosed a period to satisfy the judgment and retain their property. It’s only fair, and it’s the law. And, worse case scenario, if the owner is still residing after the waiting period,  a writ of possession must also be served and executed for an additional day or two for proper due process.
Unfortunately we had to wait for the writ of possession to be executed. On the fifteenth day after winning the bid with much loss of sleep, we were allowed to break into our new property. Sadly, most people caught up in the foreclosure are in a state of denial. 

Have you ever seen the show Hoarders? We experienced an episode with five dump truck loads full, not at all fun over a several day period!
The dream became a nightmare, but finally has become a dream again!

Now onto the cottage, it’s really cute with great potential. And we have GREAT neighbors all around us, they welcomed us with open arms and are so glad that someone will finally be fixing the place up and making it cute once again. Did I tell you it’s only a block from the beach?

The cottage was built in 1955, the daughter of the original owners live next door with her husband. They are such sweet people, we love them. Like I said before, the house is only a few houses from the beach and we can see the water from the ‘widows nest’ or deck walkway on top of the house. The dream cottage at the beach. The house is small, but isn’t that a definition of a cottage? It’s gonna be really cute when we get done.

There is a great saying…………. “nothing worth having comes easy.” This is so true, and our little beach cottage has become a labor or love. I’ll be sharing our progress throughout the renovation and hope you’ll join us on the progress. A much neglected beach cottage is being transformed, so please join us during the process.


  1. I can't wait to see pictures. I know that area well. Good for you- Dream and nightmare rolled into one but the Dream is the winner- xo Diana

  2. We moved from So Cal to Florida last year and we absolutely LOVE it here! It's my dream to own a little cottage by the beach too someday:) I'm hoping you'll post some pics so I'll keep my eye on your blog!

  3. wow. I always wanted to have a beach cottage. I can't wait to see pictures! Hang in there....it will all eventually fall into place!

  4. Cannot wait to watch the transformation! In Western NY we dream of the beach....

  5. Sounds like a LOT of work! But I'm sure it is going to look amazing and be well worth it when you are done!

  6. Trixie.....my favorite part of the world....I am SO excited for you and can 't wait to see it and hopefully watch the transformation. It's our dream to someday own a little cottage (although Cape San Blas is our perfect spot)......thanks for sharing this with all of us!!! Have a blast!!!!!! Andrea in Illinois

  7. Oooooo, I am so excited!!! I can't wait to see pictures of your new cottage!

  8. I hope you all had a great time.

  9. Oh my gosh! What a teaser! I'm dying to see a photo of the house. I don't care if it's in the before state. I hope you'll post one soon!


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