Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Window Frame Re-purposed

Old vintage windows are great, usually only a few dollars at the flea market or even free like this one.
A friend was nice enough to give me 2 old windows because she knew I could use them for some project, thanks Linda!


This window frame actually had 6 window panes, but I didn’t want the individual panes,
so I just removed them (sorry I didn’t take a before pic).


I decoupaged the map to an 1/4 inch MDF board.
When I decoupage, I like to use either thinned down white glue or thinned down mod podge, and using a brayer will help smooth out any bubbles.
Picking out the map was the hardest part, I have about 20 Vintage Readers Digest Maps from Countries all over the world that I recently found at a garage sale.
I think I see more framed maps in my future.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rust Anything!

Want to rust something, anything?





I took several mismatched urns I had, some ceramic, some plastic and coated them with iron paint, it creates a textured surface and is made with real ground metals.

I usually apply 2 coats and let dry according to the instructions.

The rust antiquing liquid is a mild acid that triggers the oxidation of the iron, so it’s real rust.

You can find sophisticated finishes at Michaels Craft Store and online. Great stuff!




When I applied the rusting liquid, I chose to leave some of the base gray metal paint showing,

and I also applied the rusting liquid heavier in certain areas, it gave a depth to the rust.



I faked my Mom out, I told her I bought the rusted metal urns at an Estate Sale, she actually thought they were real vintage urns .