Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stick Mirror under $25.00

I’m redoing my Mom’s house in a neutral beachy d├ęcor. Because I’m working with a small budget I will be making some items and this is one of them I wanted to show you.
She needed a focal point over the fireplace, so this is what I came up with. Most everything was purchased at the craft store with a little vintage thrown in. 



I purchased these bleached sticks at save-on-crafts for only $3.99 a bundle, I ended up using 4 bundles 

These wood rounds were only a few dollars, 1 large and 3 small.

I glued them together using wood glue, and found my center point. Then I cut the wood stick to 11 inches in length and started gluing. I made one pass all the way around and then filled in any bare areas until the entire base was covered. 

Now comes the vintage, I had this solid wood bowl on a pedestal that had seen better days. 

I unscrewed the bowl from the pedestal base and painted it a grey color and distressed it heavily. Then I screwed the painted wood bowl to the stick base and glued on an expensive beveled mirror, also found at the craft store. 


I added wood pedestals to the shells to give them more presence. These are the pedestal bases left over from the wood bowl I used.


Pair of shell book page prints I made. 

An easy and inexpensive mirror project for under $25.00